Reinstall Woocommerce Missing Pages

Millions of people utilize the potent e-commerce platform Woocommerce worldwide. It offers a simple way to produce, manage, and sell things online and is an open-source platform. Yet, there are a number of reasons why the Woocommerce pages could disappear occasionally. If this occurs, you will need to reinstall the Woocommerce plugin in order to restore the pages. Here is a tutorial on how to reinstall missing Woocommerce pages.

  1. After logging in to your WP admin
  2. Visit the Woocommerce > Status > Tools
  3. Choose “Create Pages” from the “Create default WooCommerce pages”. The pages will be produced as a result.
  4. By doing this, the pages will be correctly linked to one another.
  5. Verify that the Woocommerce pages are now visible.

You should be able to reinstall the missing Woocommerce pages by following the procedures above.

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